Sharing Stations

Book Library, Art Sharing & Houshold Reuse Station
Change the world through sharing. Imagine a global network of physical sharing libraries, promoting the free flow of books, tools, ideas, household goods, and art. These stations can evolve into micro-neighbor and global commerce hubs, fostering connected and sustainable communities.

Our world faces urgent challenges including the need to reuse more resources and the need to reduce consumption.
Neighborhood Sharing Stations address these issues by facilitating frictionless physical sharing and documenting its emotional, human, and economic impact. By leveraging and expanding the existing Free library model, this initiative has the potential to create a significant cultural shift and a new economic model.
Built upon the successful "Free Art / Book libraries" model, expanding the range of items and in the future introducing an app where users can upload pictures and descriptions (initially this may be supported via manual postings to local FB groups?). 
An online inventory enhances visibility, enabling sharing beyond the limitations of physical library visits. By coordinating with relevant community and technology organizations and developing a proof-of-concept application and sharing station, we can kickstart this transformative initiative!
If you would like to help, offer your thoughts or support, or to donate, contact us! 

Thank you!